Mr. Pete
"Mr. Pete"
John G. Barnard
1898 - 1982


Modern Supply Company, Inc., a subsidiary of Modern Welding Company, Inc., is in the business of supplying quality industrial and welding supplies, gases, equipment, and superior service to its customers at the lowest possible cost.

Modern Supply Company, Inc. will conduct its business in a profitable manner so that it may continue to serve the needs of its customers and to provide a safe work environment, wages, salaries, and incentives for all men and women willing to work for that purpose.

By operating in this manner, Modern Supply Company, Inc. will provide a reasonable return on investment to those who have assumed risk by investing their resources in capital of the company and be a benefit to the communities in which it operates.


1961 - Modern Supply Company is established as a division of Modern Welding Company
1964 - Modern Supply expands to Elizabethtown, KY
1968 - Modern Supply expands to Madisonville and Bowling Green, KY
1970 - Modern Welding corporate office established in Owensboro, KY
1979 - Rebuilt Modern Supply Co. in Madisonville, KY
1998 - Modern Supply expands to Evansville, IN
2006 - Rebuilt Modern Supply Co. of Bowling Green, KY
2018 - Relocated Modern Supply Co. of Evansville, IN to Lynch Road